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Coin Dashboards

We provide our users with the world class information they need to make knowledgeable decisions for the cutting-edge crypto-currency markets.

Heat Maps

Special coin information pages that give algorithm recommendations in a user friendly display.

Coin Activity Platform

Providing the top movement coin lists, seen in realtime the coins that are changing price quickly. This allows you to react quickly when market moves start.

Buy and Sell Alerts

For investors that do not want automated algorithms trading for them, an alerting system can be setup instead providing buy and sell signals.

Mobile App

Providing the best features of our website in the palm of your hand.

Quanteum Coin Dashboards

Quantily information is critical for the Crypto-currency Trader.
Providing a dedicated page for over 100 crypto-currency coins

Algorithmic Indicators

Long term and short term algorithm scores, Buy and Sell Alerts
Safety Ratings
Provided by our Algorithms.

Live Data

Our links to cryptocurreny exchanges provide real time data, While prices on other informational cryptocurrency websites can be delayed 30 minutes.

Social Media Feeds

Twitter and Reddit feeds
Providing updates from the key influences for each coin.

First Class

Clear Visual Representation of Coin Performance
Multiple time intervals from 1 minute to 1 day

Quanteum Roadmap

    Q1 2018

  • January
    Quanteum informational website up and running
  • February
    Launch of Quanteum Coin Dashboards (first 20 coins), Education Center
  • March
    Price charts and social media feeds(first 20 coins)

    Q2 2018

  • May
    Quantify Crypto Web Site Launch
  • June
    Live price data feeds from Bittrex and Poloneix exchanges
  • June
    Algorithmic data feeds

    Q3 2018

  • July
    Live price data feeds from Binance.
  • August
    Expansion to 100 Coin dashboard pages
  • September
    Addition of Coin Heat Maps

    Q4 2018

  • October
    Launch of subscribtion based service.
  • November
    Launch of Alerting System.
  • December
    Mobile App Launch

The Quanteum Project provides a platform of information and tools for participants to become a proficient crypto-currency traders.

This is achieved through state of the art quantitative algorithms, live data, alerts, tools and analysis for the advanced, intermediate and beginner crypto-currency trader. Understanding how the crypto market behaves and researching the various alt-coins available can be time-consuming, especially for a novice investor. Our platform eliminates the barrier to digital currency information by offering the trader key facts and figures needed to make savvy decisions in the crypto-currency arena. This will include coin summary descriptions, coin news and blogs of fellow traders. The user will have the ability to select coins of interest to receive real time pricing. Additionally, the user will be able to customize notifications received via email, SMS and/or the Quanteum app. The notifications can include buy/sell alerts from the algorithms, regular updates of the price of one or more coin(s), or when a “hot topic” is being discussed in the chatroom or blog. The beginner trader will have the ability to receive support for the algorithms or coin combinations they desire..

Quanteum Token Usage

The Quanteum Token is the native coin of the Quanteum Project. Quanteum tokens will allow users to subscribe for information, and algorithmic data available on the Quanteum website

The Coin Wiki

Quanteum will have a branch of the website called The Coin Wiki. This is a place where users can post, edit, and comment on several different coin threads. There will be threads for coins, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and large projects.

Problem : Large Crypto Currency Price Swings

In the past few years, we’ve seen Bitcoin lose market share to other digital currency coins, often referred to as crypto-currency coins. This has resulted in a huge wave of new money flowing into the crypto markets. Bitcoin and most crypto-currency coins have experienced greater daily price swings than most stocks experience in a full year. For investors that are still getting acclimated to this new revolution, making trading or investing decisions can be difficult..

Solution : The Quanteum Subscription

Having timely information has never been more important. Quanteum price charts, tools, algorithms, chat boxes and social media feeds will provide the information to make informed decisions

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